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Hi, welcome to my sound related site!

Hello visitor. You have found to my personal SOUND SITE. If you searching for samplez, you are right here!
Please visit my LINKZ/SAMPLEZ and you will find what you are searching.
In some days, you will be able to download my FULL CD as MP3.

In SAMPLEZ/DOWNLOAD you can download some cool
selfmade samplez and
30(!) more samplepackz direct from AMINET...

Listen to cool MP3 Music! Hear all songs from the MediaBorthers !
This is the new label from DJ Media (Deltaray) and DJ Brother (Blackfire).

If you are searching for cool and free classic sound software, you can
click and download them at TRACKERZ/CLASSIC.
Take a look to TRACKERZ/FruityLoops

NEW ! -> Use my Free Active Submission Service

NEW ! -> More then 50.000 music links in 5.000 Directories -> SoundDirectory !

NEW ! -> Download my latest CD "uNDEFINABLE TUNEs" as MP3 HERE !

Updates will come soon, so enjoy this site!

Do you have any questions?
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